Luang Phor Tim

LP Tim is a very famous present-period Guru. He was a nephew of his grandfather monk, LP Sang Thao, the 1st Abbot of Wat Laharn Rai, Rayong Province. He had first learned magical Visha from LP Sang Thao’s books, and later learned with LP Singh, the 4th Abbot of Wat LaharnRai. He was a strict vegetarian for more than 50 years until he passed away in late B.E.2518 at the age of 97.

LP Tim created the famous Khun Paen Phong Plaai Guman and there are a lot of counterfeit in the market. A genuine and beautiful piece costs around 50,000 to 70,000 bath. From our research, LP Tim started creating Khun Paen Phong Plaai Guman from B.E.2514 to B.E.2518 and the most famous phim is Phim Niyom. Prices vary according to demand but however, all LP Tim Khun Paen is highly sought after.